VIVIT ENHANCED | An undergraduate dissection based journey through the human body identifying struct

As a graduate of anatomy, and a keen educator. Myself and VIVIT aim to bring alive anatomy and physiology in the learning environment. Our VIVIT Enhanced programme is specially designed for Universities and institutions offering undergraduate training at L4, 5 & 6.

Delivered by Samuel Piri and his team of clinical physiologists your audience will experience the live post morte of VIVIT, the worlds only semi-synthetic human cadaver. We'll explore the cavities of the human body, practical techniques used when approaching dissection, the organs and tissues that make up the various systems. a graduate level in depth explanation of the fundamental physiology linked with the clinical aspects of various states of pathology.

At all of our experiences guests receive the chance to gain access to printed literature including diagrams linked to the anatomy being showcased along with the chance to obtain a VIVIT scientific notebook to record the experience.

To find out how to host the VIVIT Experience contact us on or call Sam on +44(0)7510162379.

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