How do you teach anatomy to your students?

Our highly academic programme CORE and ENHANCED programmes contextualise the learning of human anatomy and physiology. In our live post mortem experience your students will participate in the live dissection of VIVIT lead by Samuel and his team of medical anatomists.

Our CORE programme is built for A Level & BTEC students serious about human anatomy, underpinning the basics and stretching students into level 4 physiology.

Our ENHANCED programme is built for undergraduate students studying in the biomedical, health, sports and life sciences. Our programmes are delivered by our clinical team, trained anatomists Samuel and Scarlett both whom have extensive experience of real cadaveric dissection.

All hosting institutions obtain a log-in for their students to download diagram packs and cadaveric images to use during the hands on interactive experience.

For more information call our office on 01675238962 or email

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