Histories most horrific tortures

Updated: May 20, 2021


Carrying on our Halloween series of histories most horrific tortures, today we look at Impalement. As the name suggests, Impalement was used as a method of execution and also torture, in which a human was placed on top of an object such as a stake or pole. The stake or pole was usually slathered in grease or fat, and the unwilling victim was placed on top. If the width of the pole was too big, it wasn't uncommon for cuts to be made to the anus for a snug fit. The height of the pole would vary with the height of its victim. With a large piece of the pole already inserted into the anus or vagina. The victim would be made to stand on the tip of their toes trying to avoid further penetration. As the stake or poles would be blunt, this allowed a slow and painful entry into the body, pushing and tearing the internal organs causing blood loss and weakening the strength of its victim. Allowing the pole to seep deeper into the body. Insects would also be eating away at the victim from the lard of the pole, as well as blood seeping out from the tear of the internal organs.

Most media interprets impalement to be the case as shown in the picture, with a sharp, pointed edge that would make its way quickly through the body resulting in a quick death. Though where would be the fun in that?!

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