Applying for medicine or dentistry?

We have created a network of intimate events for students applying for undergraduate medicine or dentistry. This unique highly academic post mortem experience offers front row seats to an in-depth recreated post mortem. In this experience you will learn in-depth anatomy and physiology and the causes of clinical pathology. Work with our team of leading clinical pathophysiologists as we take you on a dissection based journey through the human body.


Whats covered?

  • Scientific rationale behind the clinical and coroners post mortem

  • Medical ethics

  • Decomposition & the post mortem interval

  • External observation 

  • Internal observation 

  • Documentation and due diligence

  • Anatomy of the head and neck including brain and spine dissection

  • Anatomy of the thorax including thorax and heart dissection

  • Anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract including dissection

  • Observations and conclusions

  • The pinnacle cause of death  


Held within our network of NHS Hospitals and produced with leading experts within our team you will learn the basis of post mortem and how cadaveric dissection has shaped our understanding of human anatomy. These events draw and build upon A level Biology and Chemistry to introduce core anatomy topics from year 1 and year 2 undergraduate medicine.

"Every student should learn anatomy like this"

Lead Respiratory Surgeon, Cambridge University  


This is a rigorously academic experience for high achieving A level students applying for medicine and dentistry in 2020 / 2021.


Tickets include the 4 hour live recreated post mortem, PPE, dissections, academic material. Students are advised to bring their own lunch.

Limited places for 2020.